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Remuneration of Reality
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Date:2007-12-07 10:42
Subject:Uberman Final

We'll not so much as final as I have reached a natural stopping point for myself at this time. I have plans to try it out again Next year during different circumstances and activity level. That next time I will make my goal for 1 month, with possibly starting at the everyman version depending on life requirements.

As a whole highly usable system, I believe my own insomnia allowed me to adjust faster to it then normal, but the same problems caused trouble one I was. Highlights:

Lucidity not so much for me during this 2 week period but I remembered more dreams on awakening. Energy level returned quickly but once this happen my brain activity upon trying to rest was heightened therefore making it difficult to take my scheduled naps. So I had to switch to "As needed".

Now I'm off to MMA practice.

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Date:2007-11-26 04:40
Subject:Uberman 3-7?
Mood: good

Still on it though it has been crazy at times keeping to it with Holidays, Family, and festival responsibilities. Otherwise I think it is a workable system. The first few days were the worst and anyone thinking of trying it should expect the hardest times to be your normal sleep period.

Some highlights so far:

As I am starting to adjust my Insomnia kicked in and I occasionally miss a sleep cycle.

Wood busting Saturday wasn't affected to much I got a little tired when I had to skip a cycle to finish but a break for food and a little caffeine got me back to speed. Also do to 3 missed sleep cycles and the wood busting I took a 3 hour crash Saturday night.

Energy is almost back to normal though I haven't been as slavish to the 6 times schedule towards the end. I try to keep to them but I am also listening to my body. If I am not tired then I'll wait a little longer to take a rest. Trying to keep from completely skipping a sleep cycle.

Dreams are getting more vivid but are not retained as often, I will have to try the writing down on awaking method to see if I can retain more of them.

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Date:2007-11-20 18:32
Subject:Uberman Day 2
Mood: contemplative

Having A rough time of it today all sleep attempts successful, but I am finding it increasly harder to return to wakefulness. To test the bondaries I took an hour nap during my 4pm cycle. Didn't help much and actually caused me to be even more loopy for some time.

Being nocturnal by nature I am finnging the morning hours to be the most difficult. I also need to remember that I just went cold turkey on Caffiene and started this process with a 38 hour binge of insomnia.

2000 Sleep cycled unsuccessful mostly do to phone interuptions, the 2400 went fine.

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Date:2007-11-19 06:34
Subject:uberman sleep schedule
Mood: Excited and tired

Ok after a long debate with myself I have decided to try the uberman sleep schedule. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uberman's_sleep_schedule

Generally it's taking naps versus a solid block of sleep each day. After about a week or so you should get more REM sleep than the average normal sleep cycle. My plan is the classical 20-25 Min nap every 4 Hours Starting at 0800 Nov 19th. Should take a week or so of adjustment. Though I am no stranger to sleep deprivation, please be understanding to my altered condition during this phase.

SO for those in my area if you are around me at these times.

0800 8am
1200 Noon
1600 4am
2000 8pm
2400 Midnight
0400 4am

Feel free to remind me of my "Nap Time" lol or more importantly remember that I will be sleeping for 20-25 mins and should NOT be woke up earlier or allowed to sleep longer.

I will be also performing Liber Resh, and should increase my blogs with more of them public.

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Date:2007-04-26 13:17

Lets see lil over a month now and lost about 25 Pounds. I have crap scales, so they like to give me hidden messages instead of my wieght. Over all please and should shed another 5 or so by festival. Next goal will be another 20+ by Babalon Rising Festival.

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Date:2007-03-28 17:31
Mood: satisfied

Im on day seven and I have lost 10 pounds. 200 cal every 2 hours about 1400 a day. I take vitamins and do sporadic exercise. I'm rarely hungry and the choices of foods are pleasing. I'm not using any diet brand meals, unless you count lean pockets. Will see how the next week goes.

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Date:2007-03-22 21:22
Subject:Spokesman for Paganism wants a word with you


Otherside of the scale..I'm Executive Pagan...

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Date:2007-03-22 19:07
Subject:Noah Vawter: Ambient Ambition

This sounds prety cool to me. Let me know what you think.


An completely innovative invention is rare. A student out of MIT has come up with one such device. The Ambient Addition, as the video explains, is a device that not only changes the way you listen to music, but how you look at the world. It is completely interactive and it is insanely creative. Noah Vawter further explains the purpose behind his invention and how it works:

Ambient Addition is a Walkman with binaural microphones. A tiny Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip analyzes the microphone's sound and superimposes a layer of harmony and rhythm on top of the listener's world. In the new context, some surprising behaviors take place. Listeners tend to play with objects around them, sing to themselves, and wander toward tempting sound sources. With Ambient Addition, I'm hoping to make people think twice about the sounds they initiate as well as loosen up some inhibitions.

Ever since Brian Eno, ambient music has grown in popularity with each coming year. However, it has long been considered "background" music. What this device aims to do is systematically make you interact with each ambient sound your come across. Music, thus, is simply not something to passively listen to. In a sense, one is altering the Walkmen into a musical instrument.



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Date:2007-03-12 11:50
Subject:Shameless Plug
Mood: good

Those interested in poi and want a little discount, feel free to use the link below. It will give you 10% off your order and give a kick back to me.


or just type this in when requested during your checkout: sdescafifidesoborb

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Date:2007-02-07 17:09
Subject:The need to attack, An open letter to Internet Avengers
Mood: aggravated

Any names used are fictional and most probably random keystrokes.

I know that personal attacks on the internet has been here from the beginning, longer if you take into account BBS's and such (Screw you I'm 34!). What function does the Attack serve? What threatens you so much that you must destroy the post,comment,ETC and possibly the person writing it? Ah so there is a perceived threat, because if there was a real threat you would of done something about it. Maybe call the police, seek legal action, break off contact with unhealthy influences, ETC.

Not so with the perceived threat. Maybe you have labored long and hard to get where you are in your own personal development. Maybe you have helped others with your good works. Maybe you are respected for your opinions and people who know you and defer to your judgment. Maybe your an Author, Elder, Clergy, Queen, enter a title here. So you feel it is your duty, Nah your Right to publicly destroy this upstart. Yes publicly, because the person your attacking may perceive that the "Whole world" just "saw" you do that to them.

So why does a Fluff Bunny enrage you with a comment on how much He/She enjoyed the latest book by Author: Golden Topaz Bath? Why must you smite the lowly "Newb" for having the Audacity to actually state what "they" believe.

Maybe you are not as safe in your castle of self accepted dogma as you think. Huddling around the security of the familiar, while virtually surrounding yourself with those you trust to echo your beliefs back at you. Just Because your think differently doesn't make you right.

Who said that???!! To arms to arms!!

Fear not for you will rise to the occasion! No half measures for you! You will hunt down and mercilessly eliminate all who stand before you. Hell by goddess lets have an old fashion Crusade, as Internet Avengers you will reclaim the word, for you are right in its use. While you are at it you might as well reclaim Inquisition, as you are only going to do Virtual torture with your words, and Public Burnings during your flame wars, I am sure the divine or what ever you hold dear will look benevolently upon you.


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Date:2007-01-23 19:28
Subject:Tags Or Things you might not want in your head
Mood: contemplative

First off I don't know how much or for how long ill decide to continue this.

I have created some tags(IE filters) and will be organizing these as following:

I AM: Non-Sequential burst from the depths of my psyche. I highly advise those wishing to read these to be forwarned that anything is possible and in all likely you may be disturbed/offended/ETC. These could contain a rant, depression post, flights of fancy, or what not. They may be something I believe or something I believed for only that instance or just the babble of mindless chatter of a mind slightly bent. :O) Comments will be allowed but I wish no sympathy type ones or angry retorts to supposed slights to your own beliefs.

MAGICK: This will be if I post anything overtly MAGICKAL related. I do magick each day by waking up so I wont bore you with the beautiful mundane. Constructive comments only.

ITSHTF: "If The Shit Hits The Fan" Will be an area of Disaster preparedness related post and discussion of end times (I'm the half full end times guy so one end starts a new beginning)(EDIT: Also here may be zombies).

So if any of the above interest you please take a moment and ask yourself "why?" Then let me know as well and if I agree I'll add you.

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Date:2007-01-23 14:07
Subject:Cabin Fever

So Nat and myself have been getting the itch to get out of doors. Looking to try to pick a couple days a week to go hiking and exploring. Sites will be from this area and around the French Lick area. If you have any suggestions for trails or sites let me know. Looking for low to moderate trails initially.

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Date:2007-01-11 11:11
Mood: predatory

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I AM the baddest motherfucker in the valley.

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Date:2004-06-05 11:11
Subject:Prelude to a dream...
Mood: busy

Attempting to get most of my mundane situations handled...

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